Saturday, August 4, 2012

NOTD#3: Frosted Blue Sky

Hello lovelies~
Another NOTD! I love nail polish<3 
So this time it's Etude House's Matte Nail Polish #8 and The Face Shop BK902 nail polish.

I just love this shade of blue, reminds me of the sky :) 
Anyway here is the matte polish on my nails

It needs two coats to be opaque but I recommend to have it three for it to look really good
and since you won't have a top coat for this since it's matte, three coats will make it last longer.
But I decided to top it with The Face Shop BK209 nail polish because I fell in love with the glitters<3
So here's the final polish:

I love love how it turned out. It looks like it's frosted <3 Ice queen nail polish~
Friends told me that it is perfect for weddings. I thought so too.

What bout' you lovelies?
what's the color of your nails today? 


  1. Both of these are really pretty! I love that blue color as well.

    1. Blue is always <3
      Thanks for commenting~

  2. it's such a pretty color of blue <3

  3. That's such a gorgeous blue colour! lovely post :) xx

  4. Really like the combination of both of them. I'm wearing flirt by Revlon today :)

  5. love the color :) thanks for following me :) following you now :)


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