Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Glam Works Nose Pore Strips

Hello lovelies~

Another review! 
Blackheads is one of the main facial problems of every individual. Even my dad is concern about his blackheads (This just gave me an idea of suggesting this product to him LOL). It can be removed by either going to the dermatologist to have a facial treatment which is quite expensive and not to mention a bit painful or you can use one of these pore strips.

  Inside the box is 12 strips of this

The product claims that it instantly removes pore-clogging dirt, oil and blackheads. It helps reduce the appearance of pores with regular use. I used these strips about thrice already and it always have the same outcome which is this

Eww >.< but that’s gonna be the result. Better there than in your face right?
The first time I used this I had a hard time removing the strips from the plastic that is covering the shiny part of it. Another bad thing about this is the smell. It smells like alcohol or beer acckk>.<. I don’t like it but it does the job so I can live with the smell. As for reducing the appearance of pores, I’ve only used this thrice so I can’t tell yet but I’ll update you once I finish the box .

Overall rating: 3/5 (-1 because of the smell and -1 because of the hard to open packaging)
Repurchase: No, I’m very sensitive when it comes to the smell of the products that I use. I’ll finish this one because it does remove my blackheads really well but after this box, I’m looking for some other product that has a better smell. J

Oh and last weekend while I accompany my mom with her grocery shopping (it seems like that’s all I do on my weekends >.<) I visited Watsons for a while and of course, I can’t leave without buying anything so I got a few things and here they are:

Dream Girl Faith BB cream
Dream Girl Lovelight BB powder 
3 Beauty Buffet Masks
-          Charcoal and Cypress Facial Mask
-          Green Tea and Grape Seed Facial Mask
-          White Tea and Ginkgo Facial Mask
Silk Secrets Aloe Vera Oil Control Sheet
Crayon Up Curl Mascara

So have you tried a nose pore strip? 
Which brand will you recommend?
Which do you a prefer a facial treatment or nose pore strips?

That's it for this review and mini haul. I hope you find this useful!
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  1. i love watson store too! cant leave without buy a thing :p
    thanks for the review :D

    1. I hope it's helpful :)
      Thank you for dropping by~

  2. I've never tried nose strips, but I think I'll try this one out considering the results are really good! However, like you, I like it when my products smell nice haha. Do you think they sell this online?

    1. I don't really like the smell of this one though it did a really good job.

      I'm not sure if they sell this online but here's Watsons website:

      :) Thanks for dropping by~

  3. These look good!

    Check out my blog?


  4. I use Biore nose strips. They are easy to peel off and no scent. I have been using them for years and they do a decent job.

    Found your blog through Blog Hop and now following. Hope you will check out my blog some time too!

    1. oh thank you for the recommendation.
      I'll look for those after I finish this one :)

      Followed you back~

  5. I know Biore has a good nose strip!

    1. Wow Biore's nose strips must have been really good.
      Twice recommended. I'll look for it soon and give it a try :)

      Thanks for dropping by~
      Oh and I followed you back.

  6. Found you through the Blog Hop and now following! Please Hop to mine, lol :)

    1. sure, can you link your blog to me? :)

      Thanks for dropping by dear~


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