Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food: BonChon Chicken

Hello lovelies~ Another new post from me and this time it's about something we all love! FOOD <3 So last week, 2 of my friends celebrated their birthday and they decided to do it at the same time. So one big birthday bash is in order. Woot! They treated all 11 of us to BonChon Chicken. At first we wanted to do at the branch in our school (Yes, there is BonChon inside our university.) but it's too crowded because it is newly open so we decided to go to the nearest mall with a BonChon branch.

We decided to meet at around lunch time since our class is not until 5:00pm so we'll have lots of time to bond and eat. We have always been a big group of friends though. There's fourteen of us to be exact. A strange mix of personality but we get along really well, some more than the others. 

We love BonChon chicken so much haha everytime we go out we always eat at this chicken restaurant. We even had it delivered at our school last year when the branch wasn't there yet. 

Yummy chicken. I love both chili and garlic chicken. Accck I'm craving some again >.<
The food at BonChon is very affordable just for a 150 bucks, you get to have a full meal and their chickens are delish! I love the wings and chops parts the most! Oh and the Kimchi Coleslaw is a must-try!

This is the cake that we bought for the celebrants. It's called Braso de Mercedes it's full of yummy egg custard inside. It was a special request of the male celebrant. Oh and we bought the female celebrant a Cat Chu Wink lipstick and Blusher from Tony Moly didn't get to take a picture of it though>.<. This cake is super yummy! <3 We all ate it because the celebrant was kind enough to share it with all of us~

My Slice <3

It's kind of awkward since all 13 of us were wearing our school uniform because we have class afterwards lol but nonetheless the food is good and we were all satisfied and happy after!

Bonus Picture of our university during sunset. This is called the Main Building as it is located in the center of the campus. The cross is the highest peak in our university as we are a catholic university. :)

What about you guys? Have you tried eating at BonChon chicken?
 How was it?


  1. All the food looks so goooood! I'm getting hungry just looking at it ;~;

    1. I knowww >.<
      I wanna eat again at BonChon!
      Thanks for dropping by~

  2. i never tried bon chon.. taga bundok yata ako.. i must try! inggit >.<

    1. You should try it eating there :)
      They have really the best chicken~

      Thanks for dropping by~

  3. i think bonchon is okay... :) aaaand that cake is my favoooooorite!! AH! I want that cake now! hehehe. :) I love it!
    I was a psych student sa UST before. I transferred though. :) hehe

    see you more often sa blog ko. :) hehe


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