Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Beauty Buffet Green Tea & Grape Seed Facial Mask

Hey lovelies, how’ve you been all doing?

I grabbed this facial mask along with other two beauty buffet facial mask variant during my recent visit to Watsons. What drew me first towards them is the packaging, it’s sooooo cute. I can’t resist so I bought three and I’m planning to buy the other variance that I hadn’t tried yet as they are really affordable.  Look at the packaging isn’t it cute?

I was too excited when I used this that I forgot to take a picture before I opened it hehehe.  Ah, it’s cute right? The mask itself is transparent unlike the usual mask that is color white. It has 23ML of essence each pack. The pack says that it is made in Taiwan.

It says in the packaging that this Beauty Buffet Masks unique recipe is made up of Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts-potent antioxidants to help soothe and protect skin from damage caused by UV rays and free radicals, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. After use, skin appears healthier and more youthful looking.  Natural botanical extracts-Algae and Aloe Vera also help to moisturize and nourish skin.
When I opened this, at first I don’t like the smell but it grew on me hahaha. It smells mostly of grape seed with a tiny hint of green tea.  Also there is a lot of essence but it’s not dripping. After I used it, it still has a lot so I used it for my neck and hands.

As my skin absorbs the essence it became firmer and smoother. My pores also became smaller with close inspection I saw a bit of difference from before. It did moisturized my skin a bit after usage but a little bit more moisture would be really nice. Unlike the Watsons Facial Mask with Cucumber Extracts which I reviewed here , this particular mask didn’t give me itchiness and rashes so that’s a big plus. 

Overall Rating: 5/5 because it does what it said in the package J
Repurchase: YES but I’ll try the different variance first to see if others work better with my skin J


  1. looks interesting!

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  2. Oe, i love facial masks! :)

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  3. I love them too!.. just bought one mask then I bought another after i experienced positive results.


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