Friday, August 17, 2012

Newbie: Nail Stamping

Hello lovelies~ 
It's finally friday but I still have saturday classes. boo! But nevertheless this will be a looong weekend for me. There's two-days holiday next week. Woot! 

Anyway, I created a new tag for this post which is the "newbie" tag as I've said before, I've just discovered the wonders of cosmetics so there'll be a lot of first times for me so please bear with me as I share with you my thoughts about these first times :) So let's get on with this first time which is Nail Stamping!
Last week I bought the Salon Express Nail stamping kit and I finally got it yesterday! Here it is!

The kit comes with the ff:
1 scraper
1 plate holder
1 stamper
5 stamping plates

Here are the 5 stamping plates

There are lots of design to choose from and I think every kit has the same design plates from what I've seen. There's 6 full nail design, some flowers and animals, and ofcourse lots of hearts and stars too! I'm so excited about this that when I got it I immediately tried it hahaha here's my first try at nail stamping. 

HAHAHA I tried the full nail star design but varying the size on my nails. Obviously I failed at it but you can see some star patterns right? :) Friends say they look like hails or snow. I seriously fail at this but I'll practice until I get it perfectly. Oh and my base nail polish is Wish's Hot Pink :) I also ordered some really cute fimo canes for my future NOTDs!

Yay cute fimo canes <3 I'm looking forward to using these but I need to get my creative juices. Huuuu lately I've been so drained and stressed because of school but I'll do my best and look for inspiration!

Oh and I just had to post this one because this new song from Xia really hit home >.<


"She said you’re not ready baby, you're not ready for the real thing"

Do you have tips for me regarding nail stamping? 
Have you tried nail stamping before? How was it?


  1. those are so cool! and it looks neater than doing it free hand haha!

    1. hahah it is but I need more practice though lol
      Thanks for dropping by~

  2. Nail stamping looks interesting. I think I saw a similar kit in a mall. Might check that out. Thanks for sharing this! =)

    1. You're welcome dear :)
      It's quite fun to do too~

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Wow we don't have nail stamps like this from what i have seen!
    They are so sweet and i love the designs :D
    I have lots of the fimo canes too; just not used them for nail art yet haha :D
    Got yourself a new follower sweetie!
    Ellie xoxo

    1. Aww thanks for dropping by :)
      I'm still thinking of designs for my fimo canes lol~

  4. Oh they look great! I've been eyeing up the nail stamping trend for a while but I never really got how they worked... Hmmm..
    Lovely blog :)
    Found you through the TBI Blog HOP :-)
    Rache @ Live.Food.Love [xo]

    1. The kit has instructions :)
      It's quite hard at first but you'll get use to it~
      Followed you back.
      Thanks for dropping by!


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