Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: My Starter Brush Set

Hello lovelies~ How are you?

Last week my eyeshadow brush gave up on me so I decided to officially buy a Make-up brush set which I’ve been putting on hold for about two months now.  I was browsing the net for a good yet affordable brushes because it’s my first brush set I don’t want to splurge on it.

 I stumbled upon eazyfashion and browsed through their cosmetics section and I found this Cerro Qreen 7pc brush set in purple. The price is also very affordable 390php/USD. Before I purchase it, I thought the price is good but is the quality up to par? So I search for reviews about it and found nothing but good ones. I decided to purchase it, sent my order form online. I received my confirmation and sent my payment the next day. They shipped it out last Saturday and I got it yesterday. Even though there’s a storm here, there was no delay whatsoever.

Here it is:


Cute right? I died when I saw it. PURPLE<33333 and what’s better is It’s very cheap too. I paid 435php total because of the additional shipping fee but no matter, it was worth it. Lovely lovely set. The handle is very sturdy too. Bottom half is in wood in kind of like frosty white while the upper part is made of metal with a tinge of periwinkle color.

Let me show you each brush that is included in this set.
First is the blusher/foundation brush with purple colored bristles to my utter delight. 
 It is made of goat hair and is very very soft. The only downside on this is it doesn’t hold the blush/foundation very well but it’s tolerable. I just hope it doesn’t shed. I’ll update you about it once I used it more since I can’t tell for now.

The next two are both eye shadow brushes. 
Big eyeshadow brush

Small eyeshadow brush

The smaller one is about a bit more than half of the bigger one in size. As I’ve read, these brushes are made of pony hair. The big one has a bit of a pointy end (not seen in the picture>.<) the smaller one has a round end.  Here’s a sample swatch just to compare the size of the two J

Left (big) Right(small)

The next one is the angled brow brush.
 I love how it looks really straight but when you touch it or use it, you can still feel that it is very soft.
This will be very useful since the eyebrows are my weakest point. I just can't seem to get the angle right. With this brush I'm confident that I'll improve :)

The fifth brush is a lip brush
 This brush has a protective cap which I really appreciate.  I love how I can finally trace the border of my lips accurately. It is very soft too so my lips are loving this brush~

The next one is the flat liner brush. 
I haven’t use this yet because I only have eyeliner pencil >.<

The last one is a smudge brush. 
This is kind of like a sponge which you can use to smudge your eyeshadow for that smokey eyes effect.

Overall I think this is a very good starter brush set for newbies like meJ It’s very affordable and serves it purpose very well.

How bout you guys? What brushes were your first ones? How was it?

Oh btw I apologize in advance if I won't be able to post anything for the next two weeks because this week is full of quizzes and next week is my preliminary exams but I still have an NOTD post in my drafts :) 
See you soon!


  1. these brushes looks nice!
    i've also a blogaward for you: http://liveyourdreamsxo.blogspot.nl/2012/07/first-blog-award.html

  2. amazing review! :) my first brushes are coastal scents, I recommend them, they have brush sets that are really affordable and the quality is really good, they're not as good as Sigma of course, but they do the job great :)

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. Wow. I'll try to look for a coastal scents brush :)
      but I love their Palettes already >.<

      Thanks for commenting have a fab day too~

  3. Those brushes look so soft :O

    I wish I had them...haha

    Kendall & Tiana

  4. They are :)
    Thanks for commenting~

  5. This brush set sounds great! Cute blog as well :)

    Stop by and check out my blog :)

    1. Thank you~
      Oh and I followed you :)

  6. wow purple brushes!! my favourite color!!

    1. it is pretty <3
      Thanks for commenting :))

  7. Great review! I love that the brushes are purple! Sometimes it's the small things that get me to buy them...
    I'm your newest follower! Found you from BlogLoveTherapy's blog hop. =)

    1. I know >.<
      The color is a huuuuge factor for me.
      Thanks for dropping by~
      oh and I followed you too!

  8. Cute! Love the purple brushes. Great post. =)

  9. I think I might pick this up. The colour combos are so cute!

    I follow back all my followers. Also tomorrow I'll be holding a give away for Step Up 4 with goodies from Universal Pictures. So check my blog for some great goodies!

    1. Oh go go go :))

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  10. fun blog girlie girl, let's follow each other! xx

    1. aww thanks dear :)
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  11. Pretty makeup brushes! I am a new follower of your blog. :)

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  12. great post! already followed..! ^_^
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  13. looks interesting! ^-^

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  14. I've been eyeing this brush set. =) Looks great. Is it hard to purchase stuff from Eazy Fashion?

    1. Not at all :)
      They're nice and the transaction was very smooth~


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