Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: 4U2 dreamGirl Faith BB Cream

Hey lovelies~
A few weeks ago, I reviewed my first 4U2 product which is the BB powder here. I bought this BB cream together with the powder at Watsons.  I was wowed by the BB powder let’s see if this product is up to par with the first 4U2 product that I’ve reviewed.

Packaging, as always, is too cute for its own good and it’s in pink because it’s part of the Love Pink line.  Product claims that it is suitable for all skin types. Wanna Blemish-Free Complexion? Have faith in this One Stop Make Up Base, Foundation, and Powder. Long Lasting Protection, Soothing, and Moisturising. Be a dreamGirl, as written on the packaging. Let’s see if it’s true.

I quite like its sheer finish. The smell is a bit on the floral side and when I look at the ingredients I found out that it has a Rosa Canina Flower Extract so that’s where the smell is coming from. It has a light to medium coverage so this is very good for those people who don’t have a lot to hide. It does reduce my blemishes but not totally covering it. One of the things that I really like about this product is that it’s so lightweight, it doesn’t feel like you have any BB cream on at all. I need to pat powder on top of it to have the matte finish that I wanted. It’s affordable too, it’s cheaper than the BB powder,with a 184php price tag for a 30ML tube. With that price this product is indeed very good. It can last up to 3-4 hours before you need to pat powder on again.

Now on to my dislikes, as much as it has a cute packaging I find it to be not hygienic. I prefer the pump type though the nozzle of this product is quite small so that you can control the amount that it extracts. After use, you have to clean thoroughly both the nozzle and the cap. Also it has only one shade available, universal color, not much to choose from.

Here's a swatch on my hand.
 Though it only has one shade, it does oxidize and blend well with your skin tone. Instead of a base, I often use this product as a concealer~ Oh and I would have like this product more if it has a sun protection >.<

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 (-1 for the lack of shade option, -.5 for the packaging)
Repurchase: Yes :)

Have you tried this product? :)


  1. Nice review!
    Man I love Watsons xD I thought about buying this, but I think it's way too light for my skin.
    It's good to know that it's so lightweight and cute!! >_<

    1. I love Watsons too >.< You should try other 4U2 products then <3

      Thanks for dropping by~

  2. sounds like a great bb cream! wish i can get a hold of one!!!
    anyway now following you :) i hope you check out my blog too

    1. they are :)
      Thanks for following!
      oh and I followed back~

  3. what a great review!
    awesome post!

  4. looks like the BB cream turned out pretty good :) its so sad that shade can be such a problem with BB creams sometimes :( thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog! I am following ^^

    1. Yes, I agree. huuu. >.<
      oh and thanks for dropping by~

  5. Hi! I am your newest follower and you have a great blog! I would love a follow back at

  6. great review!! I have yet tried any products from 4U2, i guess I'll try this one...Thanks for sharing ^_~

    1. No problem :)
      Thank you for dropping by~

  7. The swatch you did of this BB Cream seems like it's a pretty good shade for asians because of the yellow/tan tone. I havn't heard of this but it def looks like something I want to try in the future!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog with beauty goodies from Asia. Hope you'll check it out ^_^

  8. i really want to try this! the product sounds amazing and the packaging is really cute :) your before and after photos both look pretty :)


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