Friday, September 21, 2012

Collective Haul: Pre-KL and SG Trip

Hey lovelies~
So as I've said in one of my earlier post, I'll be travelling to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with my family this October. We've plan this at around May this year and now we're just a month away from that vacation so by the time that the end of August came around, I bought a few things that I'll be using for the trip and also a whole lot of random buys acccck!

So first the necessities, my mom insisted that we buy a new luggage bag for the trip. This'll be my first out of the country trip with my whole family so my mom thinks we need bigger bags. I went to Singapore before with a friend and had a great time and now I badly miss the country so I'm excited to go back :)

Samsonite Luggage Bag, I really think that it is quite big if it's just my clothes so my brother will be putting some of his stuff in there also. I insisted that I share it with my brother so that when we're travelling, he'll carry this and I will only carry my hand bag. Pretty clever huh?

 Next are comfy clothes and flats! Skort (Skirt/Shorts) from Xhiliration and dress from Mossimo both are bought from SnR while the lacy flats from Manels in SM Sucat :) Comfy and light clothes for the humid weather in both countries.

Also bought my first Beauty UK and MUA palette. Beauty UK in Pastels and MUA in Heaven and Earth. I'm bringing the MUA palette on the trip, still thinking if I shall bring the Beauty UK too, what do you guys think? Oh and I bought these awesome loves from Kering-keri store at very affordable prices. Check them out!

Also bought some accessories from Jekaloja Bling, I'd like to think that I'll be wearing these babies on the trip too hahaha but these are just impulsive buys >.< oh well I still love them to bits. 

Oh and I was also one of the 5 members of the month of Product Arena by Celline08. Here's the awesome prizes! Go and check her out :)

I'm still in the process of preparing and planning for our trip. I'm even writing our itinerary huuu wish me luck! I'll share our itinerary once I've finish it :)

Can you recommend me some places and restaurant to eat at in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore? 


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  2. that mua palette looks awesome! wish we had access to that in the states! new follower :)

    1. It is<3
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  3. I like that top in the third picture. Super cute!


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