Friday, September 14, 2012

Life: Cheerleader!

No, I didn’t wear a fluffy skirt and carry pompoms. I did cheer though for my University during their game against another school in the UAAP season 75 basketball league. For those who didn’t know basketball here in the Philippines is like Football in the U.S. It’s big! UAAP is a sports fest catering to the top Universities here in the Philippines. My university is a participant in this fest, we’re known as the UST Growling Tigers *rawr*.

Last August 29,2012 me and some of my classmates watched the game live at MOA Arena. As I’ve said earlier I didn't wear a skirt but I did dressed up in my university color which is Yellow. 

Here’s what I wore:
My yellow “Keep Growling the Sto. Tomas spelling” shirt just shorts for the bottom part hahah. I accessorized with my “Proud thomasian” and “Always keep the Faith” yellow and black ballers. I also added a yellow big pin on my hair J

No pompoms but some sponsors did gave away these cheering balloons  to energize the crowd and cheer for their favorites. I have always been a big fan of this league because my dad used to be a player oh and in the same university too. You just can’t imagine how much I bleed yellow. Actually almost all of my cousins were enrolled in my university too J

Here’s a screenshot of some action on the court. That’s Carmelo Afuang taking his free throw shots.  This guy is on fire that day, I swear. We were all screaming his name. We were leading for the first half of the game the other team caught up on the 3rd quarter and both teams were neck and neck on the 4th quarter. It was a great game seriously. 36seconds left on the clock a player from our team made a shot which tied the match then at 3.3 seconds a player from the opposing team shot a basket. We lost but hey we did enjoy the game J We’re still on the 2nd spot though. Can’t wait to watch more games!

Our opponent that day is DLSU Green Archers. Guess the growling tigers didn’t manage to escape the arrows of the archers that day J

Have you tried cheering for your school? How was it?


  1. Lovely blog and I'm following. Hope you can follow me back!Kisses

  2. so much fun!! i miss going to basketball games since it's not really a famous sport here in NZ. but i love the games :)


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