Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel: Arrival in Palawan, Philippines

My first post for my Palawan summer vacation!

We left for the airport at around 1:00pm our flight isn't until 4:00pm but my mom, always the early bird, wanted us to be at the airport two hours before our flight and since our house is like 15-30 minutes away from the airport, we were there around 1:25pm but luckily they were already checking in our flight so we checked in and bought some snacks. Me and my little brother were both bored out of our wits so I opened my laptop and we watched Harry Potter but then he got bored so we switch to Wanted. Before we knew it, it's already time to board our plane. As always my little brother got the window seat but it's okay since I'm a really really a nice older sister :).

                             The view from my brother's seat. Wing seat XD

The flight is about an hour and fifteen minutes. Quite long for a domestic flight but no matter, we were given snacks during the flight. My brother slept through the whole flight though.

                      What I'm doing inside the plane:) I'm listening to The Script!

We arrived at Puerto Princesa Palawan at exactly 5:20pm. We went to get our luggage then the person from the Pension house, where we're going to stay until sunday, fetch us from the airport. Our flight was kind of rough compared to the flights I've been before but anyway what important is we arrived safe and sound :) Hooray for PAL:) We checked in, talked about the tour that we're going to have tomorrow, and then we settled in. Our room was big considering that it's only 1,500 per night. We have a mini dining area with a fridge, two king sized bed, cable TV, and the most important, there's wi-fi connection:) Yay for affordable and convenient pension house:). Then around 7pm we decided to eat dinner at Balinsasayaw. We weren't new to this restaurant, we ate at Balinsasayaw Silang, Cavite branch twice already but we wanted to checked out if the food is also of the same quality since we really really like this restaurant:) The food as usual were great.

           Forgive this random shot of the chandelier from Balinsasayaw restaurant:)

Oh while we were eating, there's a really really cute kid infront of us and I was really distracted, I just want to pinch his cheeks and tickle him>< LOLs. Anyway tomorrow it's the underground/subterranean river tour. I'm super excited for that. Will take lots of pictures! For now, I need to rest because we need to get up early tomorrow:)

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