Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Mandatory Intro Post.

Hi, I'm Mimi and this is my life :) My picture? Look at the side, yes that's me!

I'm about to turn off the wi-fi but since my brother said that he needs it, I'm just gonna leave it on and edit this intro post. I'll just post pictures about me instead so it won't be boring ^^.

            Domo-Kun stuff toy and wallet from my Kuyeigh<3 and my laptop, Hosulove

Yes, I'm in love with Domo-kun and Yes, I named my Laptop after my OTP:) My Kuyeigh is my Domo-kun stuff supplier hehehe. The Stuff toy was given as a christmas gift, the wallet as a birthday gift. Hosulove is one year and three months old, an 09' Christmas gift from my parents.

 My JYJ Their Rooms Planner. I'm an OT5 believer so yeah I have to put a picture of the 5

Another thing that you should know about me is that, I am a fangirl:) TVXQ is my favorite group along with Maroon 5 and The Cab. ^^ 

I've been a TVXQ fan for 5 years now and still they don't fail to amaze and surprise me everytime they perform. They are timeless:)) 

I have two other bias group, they're from Japan this time, Kat-tun and NEWS:) Fangirling is my part-time job lols, full time if it's summer/christmas vacation.

My Books from college, starting from 1st year:)

Another thing to know about me is that, I'm a graduating student in the oldest university in asia. University of Santo Tomas, Yes I'm a proud Thomasian! ^^ I have management accounting as my pre-law degree. One more year then I'm off to law. Yes I want to be a lawyer. I do take my studies seriously, it's important to me. I have big dreams in the near future that I believe I can only achieve by investing and working hard on my studies.

So yeah, that's about it for now:)

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