Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life: Day out ^^

Me and one of my best buddies decided that we'll go out before both of us went off to our own vacation. She'll be going to Vietnam on the 16th and I will be off to Palawan on the 14th. One thing that you should know about this friend of mine is that , she's CRAZY:) in a good way though. I always have fun when I go out with her. So we had our nails done, and the crazy person that she is, she suggested the color of our nails and guess what color it is?

It's technicolor:) Mine on the left and hers on the right.

Yes, it is Technicolor, and I agreed (Lol, what can I say? I'm crazy too!) and we both love it. Even our toenails are Technicolor. Then we decided to go to a nearby mall and eat Korean food that we both love but when we got there, the restaurant was closed TT_TT so we settled on a Filipino dish that we both love too!, Kare-kare (No picture this time since we're both too busy eating hahahaha glutton! YES we are!)

                        The mall where we strolled and ate lots of food today:)

I wasn't planning to buy anything since I thought I'm all set for my trip but we came across Etude House, our favorite cosmetic shop. We walked inside, looked around, and I saw the cleansing foam product. I remembered that my cleansing foam is almost empty, so I decided to buy one to take with me on my trip:)

                                    I bought Peach Tea cleansing foam:)

I chose this one since I like it's smell the most. There were green tea, lemon tea and another one that I forgot. Oh well, I had a great time today and I'm super full GAAAAAAAH><. I need to start exercising if I want to shed off these extra pounds before classes starts on June ><

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