Sunday, July 29, 2012

OOTD: Neutral Sky

Hello again lovelies~
Today I'll post my first OOTD :)
 I am nervous and excited at the same time.
So after 6 days of university classes, yep I have monday-saturday class, I finally got my sunday off. A sunday that I thought I'll be spending rolling around my bed and resting but noooo, my mom woke me up and ask me to drive her to the mall but it's okay. The weather though is rainy, I think another storm is coming soon.

ah look isn't that scary? >.< Even the birds are taking shelter on my window sill. 
Anyway, I decided to wear something that will fit this weather so here it is:

My first OOTD :)
Long sleeves top: Terranova, Shorts: Forgot where I bought it.
Sandals: Figliarina. Necklace: Tickles
All neutral colors to go with the gloomy mood of the weather plus just a
 touch of red lipstick to add color :) 

I love love this sandals, it's very comfy and looks pretty plus I bought it on sale so it's really really affordable. Don't we all love sales and great finds? :))
Oh me and my mom ate lunch at french baker before we leave the mall. 
Here's what I ordered:

I'm a big big soup fan seriously. Soup of the day is Chicken with asparagus. It's yummy<3
And I know I promised a review post but can I bribe you with cookies instead? *hands you cookies* A review post is coming soon! I promise~

See you soon:))


  1. Nice outfit, I like the colors and red lipstick really suits you *-* I like rainy weather, makes me feel relaxed but yeah a storm is scary :(

  2. Cute outfit! I love the statement necklace!

    New follower, found you from randomly browsing the internet :)


    1. aww you are sweet.
      Thanks for commenting Kay :)

  3. We nominated you for the Liebster Award on our blog!

    Kendall & Tiana

    1. Thank you girls~
      btw I followed your blog :))

  4. Nice outfit! The soup looks yummy :) How do you manage Saturday classes?? I could never do that :P


    Follow Me!

    1. Thank youuu~
      I hate my saturday classes with passion T.T
      ooh I followed you already~

  5. Wow, 6 day classes sounds like a lot of hard work! I like the pop of red lipstick against a more neutral coloured outfit ^^
    The soup looks delicious - perfect for chilly weather~

    1. It is hard but I'm going along with it because it's my last semester as a college student>.<

      Aww thank youuu <3

  6. beautiful outfit x

    1. thank you~
      oh btw I followed you :))


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