Friday, June 8, 2012

Life: After a year...

I can't believe I haven't updated my blog for almost a year now >.< So many things have happened during that 1 year.

 How to start with my updates? Probably the most major change that I've went through is that I got a job and got a feel of what the world outside of school is like. It was quite hard and frustrating at times but I really did enjoyed that worthwhile experience and it's paid well too! :))) After five weeks *yay* I've got the certificate and I can add the credential to my resume <3 I'll get the paycheck soon too :) WOOT Enjoyed and got paid, I loved fruitful and productive summer days~

                                          The certificate, after five weeks. Ah it feels so good :)

All work and no play makes a one grumpy me, so ofcourse my summer is not just about working. I also went on a trip with my family. We went to Boracay to spend the holy week there. It's fun coz they're a lot of us, we're a big group of 13 to be exact. I spent my birthday there and I don't regret it at all. I get to bond with my sweet little cousins and have fun with them under the blue sky and on the blue water. I did get a bit tanned but no regrets, just love <3

The statue of Mama Mary where we went during black friday

Well that pretty much sums up my summer 2012 :) It's back to school now and I'm on my last semester as a college student. It is bittersweet because a dear friend is not there to graduate with us. (Love you Nix <3) but we'll see him before he migrates with his family to Canada. Let's all be optimistic and welcome June with a bright smile~ Have a good day guys!

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