Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life: Make it Mission:)

For the past three days, it's raining non-stop here in the Philippines because 2 storms passed by (Egay and Falcon, and I heard that another one is coming >.<). But the rainy season won't stop me from my mission. I've been at it for about three weeks now. I've been searching, researching and considering a lot of options.

                                                        7:00am rain.

That mission? Well I've posted about me learning how to drive so what follows that? :))) Yes, that's right I'm now looking for the car that suits me and my personality. I never did think that looking for a perfect car is this hard >.< There's a lot that I need to consider, should I get a brand new or a 2nd hand car?, should it be a sedan or an SUV?, Colors? Brand?, *sigh* I've been at it for a month now. Yes, the whole month of June but now I'm glad I have made a decision!

The whole 1st and 2nd week of June, I'm set on this 2nd hand Mitsubishi Lancer from my Dad's friend. I almost had it, it's been paid and everything but there's a little deed of sale problem so we had to let it go and get the money back. I had to look for another one, and found this cute little SUV named Suzuki's Jimny. For that one, the parents opted for the brand new but before we purchase it my Dad wants me to look at the 2nd hand cars in Carland near the World Trade Center. I agreed since I'm still keeping an eye open for my perfect 1st car. We went there yesterday, and guess what car catched my attention first?

                                              2000 Porsche Carrera

Yes, no doubt this little one is a head turner. it's 11 years old, 2nd hand, and yet it cost 2 million. We're not rich and it's not smart to drive a car like that here so yeah I let it go (It was an impossible option okie? :) But one day when I'm as rich as f*ck, I'm gonna buy something like that). That's my little brother right there also drooling over the car.

We looked around and viola! One of my dream cars was there! I've been hell bent on getting any of my dream cars (I shall make a post about all of my dream cars some other time^.^) Problem is the cheapest car on my list isn't sold brand new here in the Philippines anymore and I can't find any 2nd hand either. So I'm glad I found one in Carland. Here it is:

                                          Red '98 3 door Toyota RAV4

Isn't that a beauty? I'm so happy, I jumped up and down when I saw this. I never left its side :) But there's a teeny weeny problem. The transmission is automatic and I drive cars that are in Manual transmission only. Dad said it's easier to drive automatic but I can't use it immediately since I still need to learn how to drive it. So I decided to think about it first then maybe come back some other time. Just when we were about to leave, there right at the entrance is a white one in Manual transmission. I knew right then and there that it was my baby<333

                                          White '97 3 door Toyota RAV4

It looks like that but that's not exactly the car (stupid me, I'm so excited I forgot to take a picture>.< Forgive this 1st timer). It's about 20grand cheaper than the red one since it's a 97 model and it's in Manual transmission. Right then and there, I made my decision and we made the downpayment. All that's left is for the mechanic to check if it's in perfect condition then this baby is mine. The mechanic's coming in on thursday, let's keep our fingers cross:)).

*P.S.: The title came from JYJ's song "Mission" Check it out on Youtube:)

UPDATE 06/26/11:
Dad came back with the mechanic earlier today, he gave a thumbs up for my baby. YES! MY BABY WILL BE HOME WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY<333

UPDATE #2 07/01/11
My baby already arrived last tuesday:) What can I say? My Dad works fast lol and here he is,

isn't he handsome?? :)


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