Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: My NAILS.glow experience

Hi lovelies~
Here's another review from yours truly but this time it's a bit different. I'll be reviewing a nails and spa salon named, NAILS.glow. I've been wanting to go here since their branch in Zapote opened as it is just right in front of our subdivision but I never did find the time to do so. One day, my mom decided to give them a try and immediately raved to me about their super nice services and staffs so I told her that I'll come with her on her next visit which was last monday. 

Grabbed from their FB page here

I decided to try their manicure,pedicure, and basic foot spa package. It's on promo so I (my mom actually) only paid 180PHP or about 3-4USD which is a really affordable package in my opinion. Next time I go there, I'll definitely give their premium footspa package a try! So here's my first hand experience of their service.

This and the following pictures are taken by me while I accompany my bestfriend there the next day.

First they let my feet soak in this cute tub with hot water and some liquid soap, I presume, (I forgot to ask what it was) to clean your feet and soften them for easier scrubbing. This was really relaxing by the way, I just lean back on their reclining chair and watch the movie playing on the television . After about 5-10 minutes of soaking my feet. Maila, the person assigned to me, came over and worked her magic.

First, she dried my feet with towel then she started scrubbing the sole of my foot. Meticulously too, I can say. She starts by palming the sole looking for the rough parts or the callus and started scrubbing and repeats the whole process until the sole of my foot are all soft and even <3 I have lots of callus though because it's been a while since I had my last footspa so I would like to commend Maila for her patience and strong arm power! :) Then after the scrubbing part, here comes the massage part. Maila asked me if I wanted the hard or the moderate massage. I chose the moderate one. Oooh it was so relaxing, my feet feels divine afterwards.

My  bestfriend and the person assigned to her

While Maila was doing my feet, Mary Grace came in and did my hands. First she let it soak in a solution to soften up my cuticles. Then the normal process of manicure occurred. There's a lot of nail varnish to choose from, both imported and local polishes are available though there's an extra charge for imported ones, just minimal! No worries. I chose shade #66 in their Caronia Polishes which is a shiny baby pink for both my toes and fingers. Here's the color and finished product!

What sets aside this Nail and Spa Salon from their competitors is not just their impeccable service and attention to details but also their very friendly and warm staff. While I was there, I never got bored. Everyone has their own stories, I even got to talk and laugh with other clients. Even the salon owner was very friendly :) Nails.glow is definitely my favorite Nails and Spa salon now! I invited my bestfriend to go there the following day and she enjoyed the experience too. I'll be a regular customer there for sure! :)

Overall Rating: 10/10 ( If I can, I'll give more points! hahaha ^.^)


  1. wow!! the results are awesome :) i'd love to get a spa from the salon, looks so relaxing :)


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