Wednesday, November 7, 2012

KL-SG Trip: Hopping on-Hopping off

Heyah lovelies,!
Here’s the continuation of my KL-SG trip. I still have quite a few posts from our trip. I hope you enjoy them too~

Next on our itinerary list is to try out this tour bus in Kuala Lumpur, it’s called KL Hop on-Hop off. This bus is especially made for tourists. It has 23 stops all over Kuala Lumpur. You can purchase either a 24-hour pass or 48-hour pass. The stops are strategically located on every tourist spots around the city. This bus is very convenient for first time tourists like us. They have quite a lot of buses going around at the same time so the waiting duration isn’t that long.

CW (1) Entrance sign at Muzium Negara (2) Entrance to the Central Market (3) Entrance to Muzium Negara (4)A building along the street (5)National Palace (6) Map of the National Museum (7) Center of the Museum (8) Along the walk of the central market.
We decided to get down at the 9th stop which is the Central Market, this is where you can purchase souvenirs. Pretty much the same as the goodies you can find at the Petaling Street Market, just almost across the street. There’s just a few bucks different in price. Our second stop is stop no.12 the Muzium Negara, which is Malaysia’s National Museum. I wanted to check it out since I am really curious about the culture of the country. This was also fun and I get to learn so many things about Malaysia. The museum is divided into four parts. You can either wait for the tour guide or you can explore around on your own. 

CW (1) Menara KL Tower (2) View from the tower (3) The entrance to Malaysia Culture Heritage (4) Random tree below the tower
We wanted to get down at the Bird Park and Orchid Park but it was just too hot that day, we decided to just ride the bus and enjoy the tour around the city. We passed by so many awesome places like the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the Islamic Art Museum.Our last stop for the day before we head home is the Menara KL Tower, the tallest communication tower in Malaysia. 
The view from this tower is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. You can see the whole of Kuala Lumpur. I wanted to stay until the night fall but my parents were exhausted already so we went down at around dusk. Unlike the Twin Towers where you can only stay for 10 minutes, KL tower doesn’t have time limits. You can stay there the whole day if you want too. There’s also a telescope there where you can see a closer view of anything you want to zoom in on. We had a lot of fun using those telescopes, I won’t tell you what we saw because it might gross you out but it was really funny. HAHAHA. You can also buy some souvenirs at the tower. Oh I forgot to mention that KL tower is located atop Bukit Nanas, a virgin rainforest. Rainforest located in the city, cool huh?

And that's the end of our Kuala Lumpur HO-HO experience <3


  1. Initially we want to try the hop on bus when we went to KL early this year but decided to just tour it on your own~ and later regret it because it was just too hot and we should have ride the bus instead! lolz =)

    1. Oh walking around KL is fun too when the weather isn't hot >.<

  2. hopefully, I can try this Hop on-Hop off next year :))

    1. Hopefully, I get to visit SoKor naman next year!


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