Friday, November 9, 2012

Fangirl Friday: Yuya Matsushita

Hi my lovelies! 
I have something new for all of you. It's a new series in my blog entitled Fangirl Friday! Every friday (I'll try!) I will post something that I fangirl-ed over. It can be a singer, actor, drama, movie, just anything under the sun really. If you know my featured artists/drama for that week please do comment. Let's fangirl together! :)

This week's artist is the Japanese singer, Yuya Matsushita. I fell asleep watching his video last night and he was the one that gave me this idea actually haha :)

Yuya Matsushita is a Hip-hop and RnB singer under Epic Records Japan. He is very well known as Sebastian Michaelis in Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler musical. I got to know him also through Kuroshitsuji anime. I was watching the 2nd season then I heard the ending song "Bird" and I really like the song and the voice of the singer a lot! So I searched for the song online and saw that it was Yuya who sung it.

Since then I've been a fan of Yuya. His songs mostly ranges from Ballad, RnB to Hiphop. My friend said that Yuya is practically the Prince of RnB in Japan. Yuya also appeard on several movies like Kanashii Boyfriend and The Girl who Leaped through Time. He has currently two studio albums released I AM Me and 2U. His latest single is See You released last August 29. His "Best of best" album is currently on the works

My favorite genre is RnB so I fell in love with all his songs instantly. There's not a song I don't like in his discography! I seldom like Japanese singers based on their voices at first but Yuya has a very distinct voice that immediately took me in. He can dance well too! Here's my favorite MV and Performance from him :)

Winter Sky/Fuyu Sora is my favorite music video because aside from the song, just the feel of the whole video took me in. I think Yuya's voice is perfect for winter and night settings. It's just so soothing :)


This is my favorite "Naturally" performance. Just because of that smile at the start. So gorgeous! >.<
So there you go, that's Yuya Matsushita in my point of view. Do you guys know him? Hit me up if you like him too! Let's fangirl together, as I am quite a new fan of him. I need to learn a thing or two fufufu :)

*Disclaimer: Photos and videos are not mine. Found them all through Google and Youtube


  1. Great Post! I think I might considering doing something similar to fangirl thanks! x

    1. Oh you should :) I'll definitely read it~
      Thanks for dropping by!


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