Saturday, October 6, 2012

Guestpost: Innovation and Quality reflect the reputation of D&G Watches

You may have notice my lack of posts this past few weeks, that is due to me having lots of quizzes and final exams to take. I'm graduating this October so school works are really piling up for me. One night, I was checking my mails and found a request from Sarita if she can guestpost on my blog. I happily obliged since I wasn't able to blog about anything these past weeks so here it is! ENJOY~

To be honest a watch isn't something I've ever really considered wearing. From a young age I've always struggled to put one on - and if I have I'm always the type of person to accidentally leave it somewhere - a result which brought me to the conclusion that watches are a better option for other people. With so many options on the market it's hard to choose which one is the right on for you, but I figure that quality, reputation and style are perhaps three of the best markers you can have - and with D&G watches you can easily combine these three elements into one design.

Medicine Man      

      D&G is perhaps one brand which has developed a longstanding reputation with quality - but it's also a brand which has long been known for its innovation throughout its designs. One of the major ones that has always drawn my attention is the Medicine Man design which integrates a simple television screen design with a generic watch face. This particular design features a wide range of colours and closely resembles a television screen which is not currently receiving a broadcast. This is one great example of a D&G watch which combines timeless elegance with a slightly more modern approach. 

 If you're like me however, and you just aren't interested in a bulky watch, you might perhaps look at something a little smaller and a little more petite. The Ladies Bands watch can provide the ideal solution for any individual who is looking for a very simplistic design and a very lightweight approach to the market. When wearing a watch I often want to feel like it isn't there - like it forms part of my wrist -and the design and style of this watch enables this to be done effectively. 

Prime Time

 I've always been a really simple person so when I look at a watch I don't want one that takes away too much attention or that confuses people with way too many colours! I find the Prime Time style is perfect for this as it looks just like a simple watch and does everything that you want a watch to do! In addition, the silver face contrasts beautifully with the sharp black of the wristband and this really allows the face of the watch to stand out from the crowd, with an array of beautiful crystals around the outside which really highlight this interface.

 Bling has been a long term part of D&G watches and if you are the type of person that likes a very over-stated elegance then you have come to the right place. But what I like the most about the D&G range is that it offers something for everyone - large/small - and this is why D&G continues to have such a varied and diverse consumer base.


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  2. These are cool watches.

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  3. If i can afford this, ill def go for it:)

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