Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trip Haul: Cosmetics and Skincare

Heyah lovelies~
I'm backkk! Whew. Sorry for being MIA the last few weeks. Many things have happened during the weeks that I was gone. First, was that I graduated *YAY* and now I'm currently looking for a job. Second was I took an almost two weeks vacation with my whole family to Malaysia and Singapore. It was really fun! Will blog about it soon but first,  I'm so excited for this one! I love reading haul post from you guys so I would love to share my hauls and hope that you like it too. So here it is, let's start off with cosmetics and skincare products.

Let's start from the top first. 
Facial Masks
  1. Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Mask 5pcs- (Watsons in Singapore at 13SGD/440PHP) A bit expensive for a 5-piece mask IMHO but it's Hello Kitty! So cute!
  2. Beautymate Fukuoka Strawberry Nano Mask- (Caring in Malaysia for 33.30MYR/475PHP) This one came with the Beautymate Anti Blemish Repairing Nano Mask (the green one). HAH! Almost the same   price as the Hello Kitty Mask but it has more! Each has 7pcs inside so that's 14 pcs for the price of one :)
  3. Color Combos Tea Tree Balancing Mask 10pcs - (Sasa in Singapore for 11.90SGD/405PHP). I currently have this one on as I type this post. Review coming soon!

Yes I did went a wee bit crazy on buying facial masks, thing is I really want to invest on good skincare products because it is very important to take proper care of our skin. I wanted to buy more but it can't fit in my luggage anymore T.T

Make-up (Bottom left)
  1. Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream- (Guardian in Singapore for 27SGD/918PHP) they sell it at Sasa for around 36SGD so I'm really happy that I've found one at a lower price.  I've been dying to get this BB cream since I saw some reviews about it and also because it is suitable for oily skin which I have. I'm excited to give this a shot :)
  2. Model's Own Lipstick Hot Pink - (Watsons in Singapore for 14.90SGD/506PHP) I've also been wanting to try a Model's Own lisptick for a while now but never really gotten one because of the price but when I saw one in Singapore, I tricked my mind to stop converting into peso and just buy one. 
  3. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake - (Guardian in Singapore for 16.90SGD/575PHP) I've been intrigue by Revlon's Lip Butters for quite a while now and decided that it's high time that I get one :)
Skincare (Bottom right)
  1. Oxy Blackhead Clearing Wash (Caring in Malaysia for 6.9MYR/97PHP) - I planned to not bring my facial wash and opted to just buy one at Malaysia when I arrived. I was browsing through Caring pharmacy when I saw this facial wash and was intrigued by the Black Head Clearing part and saw that it was on sale so I immediately bought it. I used it during the whole trip. Review soon~
  2. Premier Moisture Cream Complex (Free at Expo Mall in Singapore) - We arrived to early at the airport for our flight so I decided to take the MRT to Expo and walk around for a bit. A saleslady handed this to me so I accepted it in exchange for two minutes sales talk lol anyways I didn't end up buying the product as I don't really need it. I'm still grateful for this sample though.
  3. Tony Moly Egg pore Shiny Skin Soap (Sasa in Singapore for 19.90SGD/677PHP)- I've been looking around for a really good pore product since I have huge pores >.< I hope this helps!
  4. Biore Pore Pack (Caring in Malaysia for 10.90MYR/153PHP)- I ask around for a good blackhead strips and this one was the most recommended so I bought one. Tried it already! I will also post a review of this soon~
  5. Biore Pore Pack Black (Watsons in Singapore. I can't remember the price T.T)

I was originally planning to buy more Make ups but while I was browsing Sephora in both Malaysia and Singapore, I can't find anything that I really need and also I was a bit hesitant to spend my money huuuu >.< I did spend a lot of time staring at cosmetics though, I swear! My cousin has probably sampled all products before I told her that we should leave already since I can't talk myself into buying anything. Silly, I know. Oh well I hope you enjoyed this haul post! I will be blogging about our trip next! 

Oh and does anyone want a Malaysia Shopping Guide? :) I'm thinking of doing that too. 
See you next time loves!


  1. Wow you got so much stuff! I never tried any of these besides the lipbutter xD You will love it :D

    1. I tried it already and I must say It is a really great product! So perfect for daytime looks :)

  2. Great hauls!! I'm loving the HK masks, super cute ^_~

    1. Me too! :)
      Thank you for dropping by~

  3. Congratulations on graduating! You bought some really cool stuff. Can't wait on your review for Skin79's BB Cream. I've heard raves about it. =)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yes, I also read some really cool stuff about this BB cream. Can't wait to try it~


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