Friday, June 3, 2011

Life: Noraebang-ing.

Summer's almost over and for the last three weeks of May, there's this place that I often visited. I've been there three times,so I go there at least once a week. The first time was with my favorite girls, my TVXQ female version babies:), second time was with T1 girls to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, CHEERS!, the third was with my CassPH family to do an interview with certain press people.

So what is this place? Well as the title says, it's called a Noraebang (노래방) in Korea but it is commonly known as Karaoke place. In the Philippines, it is known as Videoke. Just like in a normal Karaoke place, you can sing and dance to your favorite songs but the main difference is that they're main song collections are full of Kpop songs but there's also a variety of Japanese and English songs. Yes, believe it or not we have Noraebangs here in the Philippines. The place that I often go to is named Joosarang, it is located in P.Burgos at Makati but I also went to Music Bank in Diosdado:)

                                                Singing our hearts out:)

There, basically that's how a noraebang place looks like. Sorry for the bad quality picture, it's dark inside the room>.<. As you can see, there's 4 televisions, two microphones, and two tambourines (LOL). The lyrics of the songs are ofcourse in Hangul but don't worry, even if you can't read it you can just sing whatever and still enjoy your time.

                                              Updated Song Collection ^.^                  

What I like about Noraebang is that they update their song collection like every month, so expect that your current LSS song is in their list and you can sing it right away. Their very much updated when it comes to the latest song releases in K-pop. So for all Kpop fans out there, Noraebang is place you must visit with your fandom friends. I'm very sure that you are going to enjoy the time that you will spend here.

I think I can say that I made the most out of my last weeks of summer vacation since I enjoyed it and I spent it with my closest and dearest friends:). Classes will start very soon, I wonder what's in store for me this school year. hmmm....


  1. Hello ate. Pumunta ho ako sa joo sarang, kaso wala na ho ehhh. May alam pa po ba kayong noraebang malapit sa makati???

  2. Annyeong ate. I'm a fan of kpop. Hmm pumunta ho akong joo sarang kaso parang wala na. hmmm may alam pa po ba kayong noraebang near makati? Kamsahamnida. =)))


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