Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life: So far...

 I was not able to post for quite a long while because I've been quite busy.

The end of April until the first week of May have been really busy but fun and fulfilling :) Before April ended, I enrolled in a 10 sessions program on Socialites Driving School and the next day my lessons immediately started. Driving isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Mind you, I have zero driving experience as in none.Zilch. So I was shocked and nervous when on my first day, my instructor told me to sit on the driver sit and start driving. He gave me a 5-10 minutes lecture about the basic parts and functions of the car then off we go.

      My I.D. lol yeah no picture. (And yeah, of course it's my boys on the background)

I had so much fun driving that by the end of my fifth lesson, my instructor told me that I can drive on my own but my dad won't let me. So I still have one session left, it's on the 23rd because I miss one session so I had to reschedule it :((. My dad said that he and I will practice more and he'll teach me more about cars and stuff so yeah, can't wait till' I get my own car which is, hopefully, by this year!

Another thing that kept me busy for the past few weeks was shopping:) Girls got to do what we gotta do so yeah. Shopping is the one thing that me and my mom do to bond. Well you know, we don't see exactly eye to eye so this is the only thing where we set aside our differences and become best friends.

                                      My Etude House Pink Membership Card

And because of our shopping spree, I finally got my Pink Membership Card from Etude House hehehe. Lately I've been into cosmetics a lot. Maybe that means that I'm already growing up eh? I guess it's because I'm not a teenager anymore (TT_TT) that's why I pay more attention to how I present myself plus it's fun shopping for cosmetics. If your a girl, that is :))

But the thing that consumed most of my time is CassPH 8th Gathering: The Carnival. Seriously, it's so much fun. The hard work and effort that we put in this gathering is so much worth it. As me and my bestfriend always say "We're doing this for our boys, for the friendship that we gain through this fandom, and for the fun that we have every gathering."

                       CassPH 8g: The Carnival (Photo taken by: Erika Paulino)

It was so much fun! For the 500++ people who attended our event, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. From the bottom of my heart, I really am very grateful to those people who had made our event very successful and to those who have supported us right from the start. It was my 4th gathering with this fandom and every year, it just gets better and better.

So I guess it safe to say that I had a very productive summer. I gained experience and I had sooo much fun, nothing better than that ^_^ (But summer isn't over yet, still got a few weeks to go!)


  1. Good luck on your driving lessons da! :) Isakay mo ko sa kotse mo pag natuto ka na ha! :D

  2. Syempre sasakay ko PP! Sana nga lng magkasya tayo. L300 kaya pabili ko? hahaha


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