Monday, December 31, 2012

Haul: Christmas and First Salary

 During the first week of December, I got my very first salary~ YAY! I decided to splurge on some things a bit since Christmas is coming and also to celebrate my employment so here are some of the things I bought. Both beauty and fandom related things are here >.< Not trying to brag just want to share it with you guys~ 

Now onto the fandom related things first.

Lemme start with the favorite thing that I bought fufufufu. Yes, I’m a huuuuge TVXQ fan, if you guys noticed in my previous posts. They’ve been appearing in some of the pictures J Yunho and Changmin are the endorsers of Missha’s fragrance line L’eau De Missha. I’ve originally wanted to buy the gold and silver set but I find the scent a bit mature for my taste so I opted for the blue one, Not Over You.  I love it! <3

Last December 15, Xiah Junsu from TVXQ/JYJ celebrated his birthday so fans here in the Philippines decided to join the international birthday celebration for him which is: Xiahday: Melody Awakes the Universe. Here’s the things I bought there;  passport holder, paper cup with his drawings (CUTE!) and this wonderful Photobook. *swoons*

Also on the same day was the Philippine release of Yunho and Changmin’s album, Catch Me. I also bought myself the special ed version of the album. I love the velvet packaging!

Let’s move on to beauty related things J Tadaaaa!

Mint Julips Lip Scrub from Lush, Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipstick in P11, Etude House Sleeping Pack, Etude House Eye’s Cream Mint Cooling, and Tony Moly Floria Cleansing Tissue, I also bought Missha The Style Perfect Finish base but it’s somewhere in my car >.<

Last and definitely not the least is my Starbucks Planner, I originally wanted the one here in the Philippines but turns out I don’t have the time to collect stickers for it so I decided to buy one in Korea from a friend. Lately, I’ve been loving the color orange>.<

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed it <3 What did you get yourself this Christmas? Share it with me! J


  1. great hauls and congrats on splurging your 1st salary..lolz ^_~ happy New Year ^_~

  2. You have got an amazing blog!! :)
    So I've nominated you for the "Liebster Award"!!


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  3. i love how you spent your first salary on tvxq stuff :P
    great post :)

    xo; L&M

  4. Nice haul for your first salary my dear! :)
    Still save up of course hehe. Hope to hear new post too!
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  5. Those look juicy! Nice products!

    I love your blog! Specially the pictures, so detailed, informative and clear like telling a story. I just enjoyed browsing through your blog :) I followed you via GFC and BlogLovin'! I would love it if you could visit my blog too and maybe follow each other? :) I can't wait to read more posts from you! More power to you!


  6. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  7. I love that Planner!!
    Have a great day!! :)

  8. Love your blog :)
    Much love,

  9. Great post! I'm your new follower. I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thanks! Kisses from VV!!

  10. Hello Mimikon, I nominated you for the Liebster, hope you can check it out. Thanks! =)


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